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101 Things To Do San Diego provides you with a smart set of tools to showcase your business and connect to the visitor community. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, 101 Things To Do San Diego is a fun and friendly place to deliver your message to visitors.

Advertise your business with 101 Things To Do magazines. We are published quarterly and distributed monthly at airports, car rental agencies, resorts, hotels, outdoor newsstand racks and advertisers.

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Your listing is SEO optimized to ensure your business is searchable to locals and visitors alike. Auto phone dial and google maps with directions are automatically generated on the visitor’s smartphone.

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Digital Wallet Cards run on your smartphone and allows users to digitally store and use discounts, promo cards and event tickets. Cards can be distributed via email, SMS, MMS, website, social media, and inside Digital Wallet integrated applications. The card will show up on a visitors smartphone lock screen when they in proximity to your business location. Add To Apple® Wallet from your Apple Watch, iPhone or iTouch to download and store. For Android, click on the Add To Apple Wallet Badge and choose to get it on Google Play.

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