Ronald Reagan Library and Museum

In a storied career that spanned more than five decades, Ronald Reagan inspired Americans to act and achieve even more than they imagined. His legacy thrives at The Ronald Reagan Library and Museum where his life is traced through the events and exhibits that seek to bring his values, actions, and spirit of determination to live.

Each president decorates the Oval Office to suit his tastes.  President Reagan, inspired by the West, added earthy colors, western art including a collection of bronze saddles, and, of course, a jar of jelly bellies for his desk!  While at the Reagan Library, you will be able to view this full-scale replica of the Oval Office, decorated as it was during President Reagan’s presidency.

Ronald Reagan believed fervently in the greatness and goodness of America, and he knew that American strength was central to world peace.  Nothing made him prouder than being Commander in Chief.  You could see in his eyes how much it meant to receive, and return a salute.

He felt a special bond with the men and women in uniform, especially the young people from the small towns across America. That they were willing to risk their lives for their country never ceased to amaze and humble President Reagan.

An exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum from May 24, 2019,  September 8, 2019, is The World Of Da Vinci. Discover the true Leonardo da Vinci through these sources of inspiration, a workshop of ideas and designs for everyone.  The amount of history at the Reagan Library and Museum is amazing, and Air Force 1 is even kept here on display. There is a museum shop on site as well as a few dining options if you work up a hunger!

The Museum is open daily between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Christmas Eve closing at 3:00 p.m. | closed only on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
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Tommy Lien
Tommy Lien
13:59 06 Sep 21
The Ronald Regan Presidential Library far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the FBI exhibit interesting but also... interactive at points. The Ronald Regan exhibit filled with lots of historically significant pieces but also some of his more famous quotes such as "Trust but verify." The most interesting part was getting to walk through Airforce 1 and Marine 1 just thinking about the conversation and decisions that may have happened on these aircraft was thought provoking. Outside of building walls you will also find an F117 the first stealth Aircraft, a F14 and a tank. Finally as you exit you see a piece of the Berlin wall before arriving at the burial site of both Ronald and Nancy more
Margaret Sen
Margaret Sen
00:13 01 Aug 21
I’ve been to a few presidential libraries and this is one of the best. About $60 for two people. Free parking. Seeing... Air Force One and Marine One was awesome. The FBI exhibit was more impressive than I thought it was going to be with tons of actual more
Jessica Sinha
Jessica Sinha
23:19 16 Jul 21
Tickets are ridiculously expensive! Pictures too! Library was really fun to visit, lots of great information and easy... to navigate and explore. The no photos policy wasn't really enforced which was a bit frustrating, but other than that an enthusiastic staff, welcoming and clean museum, highly informative and enjoyable experience!!read more
Cheeto and Diggy
Cheeto and Diggy
06:01 29 Jun 21
Visit this library, and I promise this is the closest thing to going back in the past. Love this place! It is located... on a hill, and even the drive up the hill is cool. This place is lucky to have so many pieces of history. I don't know where to start, but the highlights are the Oval Office Replica. You can tour what President Reagan's office looked like. There is a Marine One Helicopter tour, which you can step inside and take a photo on the steps. There is the "Beast" from the 80's, or the Presidential Limo. Lastly there is Air Force One. You get to tour it and see Reagan's office. It is amazing. There is also a fighters jet, the Berlin Wall, A Cafe, the assassination attempt, many rooms covering his presidency, and the couple's cemetery. The Ronald Reagan library has it all!read more
M Robson
M Robson
22:52 26 Jun 21
Very nice Presidential Library. Have been to LBJ's library in Austin, TX and Clinton's in Little Rock. AR. You don't... have to be a Reagan fanatic to enjoy this experience as it chronicals such an important time in our country's history. Brought back memories of when people were proud to be American citizens and the world respected the USA. We sure could use a man like Reagan again!! The Air Force One and Marine Corps One exhibits are amazing. The actual 707 that Reagan used is there and can be toured. The model of the Oval Office is very cool. Very friendly staff and nice exhibits and gift shop. Reagan's grave is located on the grounds. A little out of the way in beautiful Simi Valley, but well worth the trip. Lots of free parking. Note: cheaper than the Nixon more
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Ronald Reagan Library and Museum

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