Children’s Pool La Jolla

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Visit the Children’s Pool La Jolla for an extraordinary glimpse of nature as dozens of seals happily lounge under the sun or play in their natural habitat.  The Children’s Pool is a seawall built in 1931 and partially protects this small beach area.

The original intention was to close off the channel and create a safe bathing area for children. In 1970, seals began to frequent the protected cove and eventually overtook the beach area. Since then the controversy regarding whether or not the seals should be allowed to stay has been a hot topic in the community. So far the seals have won and the area remains their safe haven.  While checking out the wonderful wonders of the ocean be sure to head North on Scenic Highway 101 and visit Birch Aquarium a wonderland of aquatic creatures.

The Children’s Pool is a wonderful spot to linger, watching the seals play, while the waves splash all around and the sea breeze rustles your hair. Bus Route 30.

Children’s Pool La Jolla