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  • By 101 San Diego
  • 06 Jul, 2016
Photo Courtesy of Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Thing To Do #54

 The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center seeks to inspire lifelong learning by furthering the public understanding and enjoyment of science and technology – and inspire they do, with over 100 fun and interactive exhibits! Discover your inner inventor at Tinkering Studio , or see the latest images from a current space mission at Origins in Space . So Watt! An Illuminating Look at Energy explores different ways to generate electricity. The Fleet is also home to the world’s first IMAX Dome Theater, which shows the biggest films on the planet! No matter what your age, there is always something new to discover at the Fleet! Public transit route #7. See coupon offer

    • Reuben H. Fleet Science Center (619) 238-1233
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