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San Diego Harbor Island and Shelter Island

In 1950, the San Diego Harbor Commission, today’s Port of San Diego, began a dredging program to widen and deepen the entrance channel for San Diego Bay. The sand taken from the bottom of the bay was added to a natural sand bar near the Bay’s north shore.  Shelter Island was born. The island plays host to hotels, restaurants and marinas. On the western end of the island lies America’s Cup Harbor, in honor of the America’s Cup yacht races held in the Pacific Ocean off San Diego in 1988, 1992, and 1995.

Harbor Island was created in 1961 by the US Navy.  The island boasts various fine dining restaurants and two high-rise hotels. Harbor Island has quite a few marinas with various small boats and even yachts where you can rent and enjoy a day on San Diego Bay. On the east end of the island is arguably one of the best views of the San Diego skyline best viewed at night when the city lights reflect off the bay.

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