Marketing Solutions

101 Things To Do San Diego is proud to announce new marketing strategies to help YOU make your business grow! Here are just a few of the exciting new opportunities we have available for you:

Monthly Contests
In an effort to help showcase our advertisers, we are holding monthly contests with prizes sponsored by our advertisers. Participation gets you added exposure on our website and through our Social Media outlets. Be a part of our monthly contest or advertise on our contests page!

101 Things To Do is proud to announce our new video production division, as well as our brand new show, 101 SDTV, which is shown in hotel rooms throughout the county. One of the best tools to communicate to potential or existing patrons is through video promotions or profiles. We can help you to conceptualize, produce, and market video profiles for your business. Videos engage people so well because they are personal. There’s nothing like seeing the live action!
These videos can be utilized in many ways: Press Releases, Websites, Marketing Emails, YouTube, Facebook, and other various online promotions! Additionally, you can also be featured in our new in-room hotel TV show. Below is a bit of information about the different video packages offered through 101SD.

101SD TV Participation
101SanDiegoTV is an in-room TV show for hotels, showcasing the city, its neighborhoods, and its attractions, hosted by Tiffany Weddle. Guests who watch 101SDTV learn about options for their visit while being directed to their hotel staff to make a purchase or get a reservation. Advertisers in the show will be filmed by the 101SD video team and highlighted by our host pictured above.
NOTE: If you have a hosted video profile, we can add you into the show at any time, non-hosted video profiles will not be able to participate.
Learn more about 101 Things To Do TV

Video Business Profiles
A video business profile will highlight your business through an approximate 60-90 second feature. This includes on-site filming in HD, music, voice-over narration and on-camera interviews and scene shots. Get your profile started now!

Video Business Profiles (w/host)
Our hosted profiles includes everything above with the addition of a live host on camera to discuss your business. This adds a nice personal touch while also giving you the option to have host interaction with the owners, staff, etc…

Orange County, Palm Springs/Desert and Phoenix
101 Things To Do is GROWING! We are expanding our magazines and online presence to include Orange County and Palm Springs/Desert. We want to give you expanded visibility in out of market areas. Join us in Orange County, Palm Springs/Desert and Phoenix!

Direct Mail & Personalized Email Campaigns
Get the word out to potential customers, offline, with our custom made brochures, fliers and postcards. We will create, print and mail your marketing program at our local printing facility.  We also offer personalized email campaigns through our list of current subscribers or a list that you provide.  Don’t have a mailing or email list?  We will gladly assist in developing or purchasing a list. Find out more information.

We appreciate YOU, our current advertisers! To show you just how much, we are offering 50% OFF all of our online advertising rates only to our current print advertisers! Find out how to save on our already affordable online advertising.

Social Media
By utilizing the many avenue of social media, we can help you extend your reach to untapped markets on the Internet. Our social media team will help to create an online marketing strategy and optimize your social media outlets to increase revenue, profits, and viewers looking at your website. Get started now!

Website Design
101 Things To Do San Diego is the solution for building, promoting, and driving highly targeted traffic to your website. Helping businesses grow and build their presence on the internet is our goal. Understanding and defining your goals and objectives is the most important aspect in building your customized SEO strategy.

Print Design
Get the word out to potential customers, offline, with our custom made brochures, fliers and postcards.