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The Flying Leatherneck Museum


FlyingLeatherneckPlaneThe Flying Leatherneck Museum in MCAS Miramar showcases the history and story of Marine aviators and magnificent ground crews who flew and maintained the historic aircraft. Known for their feats of daring on the battlefield, they have a well-earned reputation as phenomenal flyers as well. Enjoy and admire nearly 30 vintage aircraft as well as numerous artifacts and pictures. While you’re at the Flying Leatherneck Museum spend some time in the research library to learn even more about the contributions Marine aviators have made to America’s freedom.

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The museum entrance is located on Miramar Road, approximately 1 mile west of I-15, and is easily identified by the American and Marine Corps flags flying over the entrance.

Flying Leatherneck Museum   (877) FLY-USMC


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