Only in Ocean Beach 

  • By 101 San Diego
  • 06 Jul, 2016

Thing To Do #57

Ocean Beach —OB to locals—perhaps more than any other San Diego beach community, harkens back to the days when surf culture dominated and people sauntered about, relaxed, easy going, and happy to just hang out. That vibe still dominates this funky beachside community.
 Besides surfing and lounging on the sand, you can play some volleyball, have a picnic, ride your bike. The Ocean Beach Pier is cool—it extends a 12 mile out to see, one of the longest piers in Cali. Or take Rex to Dog Beach, where dogs can run amok with other canine wave crashers. Ocean Beach is casual and hip, and it has some interesting characters, tattoo parlors, surf shops, assorted eateries and restaurants. Stop by Nati’s Mexican Restaurant a local favorite for over 50 years!

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