Go Down Under 

  • By 101 San Diego
  • 13 Jul, 2016

Thing To Do #24

Grab your snorkel mask and fins and discover San Diego’s beauty that extends below the ocean’s surface. A deep underwater canyon off the coast allows for increased diversity, with everything from lobsters, colorful starfish, crabs, rays, perch, sardines, sea lions, seals and dolphins.
La Jolla Cove is a swimming, snorkeling and diving paradise. Calm and clear waters, bright orange fish, green sea grass beds, and dozens of other marine critters make it ideal for snorkeling. On some days, you can see hundreds of leopard sharks just south of the boat launch – don’t worry, they’re harmless!

The undersea plant life is spectacular with green sea grasses flowing softly with the currents, anemones silently waiting for a meal, and majestic kelp beds looking like tall undersea forests. Go snorkeling and explore this hidden world! Mass Transit Bus route #30.

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